I want YOU to enjoy one FREE specialty lettering service for your 2020 wedding! I've seen my letters on plenty of surfaces, from hand-frosted cookies to the stone bookend shown below... But on shoes? No. Sculpted with neon? No. Made of flowers and installed on a giant, living wall? Not yet. To encourage more outside-the-box orders this year, every 2020 wedding signage package I sell will come with one free specialty lettering service. What does that mean, exactly? Read on.


If you have those special wedding details in mind and would love to gift your bridal party with personalized hangers, or embark on your honeymoon with custom, hand-lettered luggage that screams "MARRIED AF AND I NEED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO KNOW IT," or any of a million other ideas you may have for outside-the-box calligraphy, I'm your girl.


And here are some of the lettering services I'm itching to add to my wedding services portfolio, in case you need inspiration...

  • Leather or denim jacket calligraphy

  • Bridal party accessories, especially for bachelorette/bachelor events

  • Writing on the bottom of the bride's shoes

  • Dress hangers for the bride & maids

  • Calligraphy on bouquet ribbon

  • Custom neon signage

  • Lettering for flower wall installation

  • Temporary (or permanent!) tattoo designs

  • Honeymoon luggage tags or suitcases


Or I would love to hear any ideas you may have! The wilder, the better... let's make those dreams come true!


But you need to PINKY PROMISE me that you'll have your photographer capture the finished product so that we can show the rest of the world the magic we made together! Additionally, you MUST purchase other wedding signage in order for me to offer a specialty service for free. There is no hard minimum amount, and we can discuss your case individually... the more unique your request, the more likely I am to do everything I can to make it happen! Also, please note that a "specialty lettering service" is just that, a SERVICE. I will provide the calligraphy but cannot gift you the materials, surface, or other supplies needed to finalize the project. Let's talk!

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