This mural in Midway Alley (Brentwood, CA) was commissioned by the Downtown Brentwood Coalition using a grant from the City of Brentwood's Economic Development program. The City and the DBC hope to drive traffic downtown by beautifying existing buildings and providing social media photo opportunities. The lower half of the mural will feature several sets of native wildlife wings for people to stand in front of and take pictures. The wings will incorporate local produce within their textures and colors, and each set of

wings will have a painted-on "plaque" at its center, describing both the animal and the produce depicted.


After over a year of planning---plus weather, construction and pandemic delays---production began on June 22, 2020. Completion was originally expected by September 2020, but progress has recently been impacted by extremely poor air quality due to wildfires in California.

Artist Lorin Baeta is a small business owner in Brentwood, operating Letterly Signs & Lettering out of her home. Her work can be seen all around town and includes utility boxes, storefront windows, business signage and custom home decor.

For inquiries, see Letterly's Instagram

or email letterly.lorin@gmail.com


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