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The Nitty Gritty

You've got a wall, and I've got a paintbrush... let's make some magic!


To build on an existing portfolio of signage and mural projects and to establish a business network in the New England area, New Hampshire-based Letterly is offering a limited number of at-cost murals for 2024. “At cost” means that Letterly performs the service of designing and painting a mural for free, while the client pays only for materials and other ancillary costs, such as specialized equipment or significant travel. For a fraction of the normal price of a high quality art installation, you beautify your space and amplify your network, and I get to ride those snazzified coattails—and yes, Letterly is fully insured.

What the heck is Letterly?

I am! I’m Lorin Baeta, a part-time, one-woman show—wife, mother, artist, and recent(ish) CA-NH transplant. I’ve been producing signs, murals, and other custom lettering-based art pieces for businesses and individuals since 2015, before which I was a Silicon Valley graphic designer with a passion for typography.


In the handful of years that Letterly was based in northern California, I produced over a dozen permanent, public artworks, with many more instances of temporary signage and seasonal window art. My clients and commissioners included small businesses such as clothing boutiques and eateries, entrepreneurs such as antique dealers and licensed aestheticians, and public entities like the City of Brentwood and its Downtown Association. I still take on graphic projects like logos and website design, but my focus is now in paint and I love to go BIG.

How is this going to work?

You, the one with the wall, first peruse Letterly’s collection of pre-designed mural concepts. Each concept comes with a cost-per-square-foot estimate as well as a full-price comparison so you can see just what a steal you’d be getting! You’ll also see a list of factors that might increase your expenses, such as a very rough surface that requires more paint or a particularly high/tall wall that requires a rented lift.


If you see something in my pre-designs that you might like to have painted on your wall, you’ll submit a proposal form. If your proposal fits my project needs, I’ll respond with a cost and scheduling estimate, and possibly a request to visit you and your wall. Next comes a contract and deposit, then we install your mural!

What if I don’t love the concepts?

I get it—you and your 2024 budget really want a mural, but none of the pre-designs are just right for the image of your business or the vibe of your space. These concepts have been developed to match positive messaging with complementary imagery, but I will absolutely consider substitutions of the verbiage and the colors within any concept’s distinct style.


To streamline the design process and keep these projects beneficial to all involved, Letterly may limit the extent to which any concept is revised, but let’s just say that if you wow me with your proposal it will be hard for me to say no ;)

So how do I wow you with my proposal?

In no particular order, here are some factors that can make or break your proposal, but don’t let a couple of missing ingredients stop you from submitting! You never know what might be the deciding factor, and aside from the time you spend filling out the form there’s zero commitment on your part.

  1. Location, location, location! Only permanent (not temporary or seasonal) installations will be considered for this project. Is the wall easily visible to the public? Do you get lots of organic foot traffic? Will people want to take photos with the wall and share with their friends, family and followers?

  2. Speaking of followers… Your online presence can be a big plus. If you post regularly and are savvy about tagging, promoting and collaborating, our partnership will attract and impress more of your target clientele while helping to put Letterly on the east coast map.

  3. How tricky is the wall? To tuck as many murals under my belt as possible during this initiative, the less stucco/brick/corrugate, direct sunlight, primer and power equipment I have to deal with, the better.

  4. Is there access to basic amenities? A bathroom, WiFi, power outlets and nearby takeout for my lunch break can really simplify (and expedite) my process. 

  5. Creative control OR a knockout of a new idea. The name of this game is mutual satisfaction, and on my end that means producing art that I’m proud of while growing my business presence in my new stomping grounds. A proposal that takes one of my concepts essentially as-is without any major changes—giving me total creative control—will definitely jump to the top of my list. On the other hand your suggestion for revisions or elaborations might get my creative engine revving... We won’t know until we get there, so scroll down to fill out and send that proposal!

It's a win-win situation.

A type-based mural with positive messaging and attractive colors can put your business (and Letterly) on the map.

WSW proposal


I want to paint more murals, and you have a wall that needs a facelift. Let’s make some magic!

Proposals are kindly requested no later than January 31, 2024, so that the pool of applicants can be properly considered side by side. If you were invited to apply, congrats! You're already near the top of my list. If you invited yourself here, be sure to read the above brief and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Cheers!  —L

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