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  • Can you do any font I want?
    Yes! However... When designing a project using a handwritten cursive style, I strongly prefer to work with my signature script. If a specific font is part of your logo or brand, I can absolutely incorporate, replicate, and/or approximate it in our project depending on the medium. If you have some other script font or handwriting style in mind, we can still discuss your project but there is a possibility that I will decline to deviate from my personal style. It's nothing personal... except that it's 100% personal. Wink.
  • How long does a custom signage project take?
    Every order is different, and turnaround time depends on the complexity of the project as well as how busy I am with other work. For smaller individual pieces, allow at least one to two weeks. For larger projects allow at least one month. For weddings, allow at least two months. If you need your custom work done ASAP, you won't know if I can accommodate you until you ask! Expediting premiums may apply.
  • Do I have to pick up my order or do you deliver?
    Orders exceeding $250 (including custom and rental items) qualify for free one-way delivery within a 30-mile radius of Wilton, NH. If your order doesn't fit these criteria, we'll talk about ways to maximize convenience and minimize cost.
  • I got a notification that my project quote expired. What now?
    Project proposals, including quoted prices, recommended rental items and contract terms automatically expire 30 days after initiation, and that's simply because I need to stay on top of my prices, policies and scheduling. The cost and availability of materials and rentals, as well as my workload and business practices, can all change over time. If we didn't move forward with your project proposal soon after I cooked it up, I will need to reevaluate the supplies and labor required to produce your signage and that could mean increased (or decreased) pricing and/or an adjusted timeline and policies to boot.
  • I found an artist on Etsy who will do the same project for less. Why does your work cost more?
    The simple answer is that there is a difference in processes. The exact difference varies between projects and between artists you may find online, but here is a short list of the things that make my work cost (and be worth) more: - This is a one-woman show. I have no employees, no assistants (except the dog, who really doesn't pull her own weight), and a full schedule of clients who all want my time--and my time is valuable! - I HAND. LETTER. EVERYTHING. At the time of writing these FAQs there are no stencils or vinyls in my studio, which means more focused, skilled energy is spent on your project than if I were to trace someone else's artwork or cut out some stickers for your sign. While I do make use of printed templates (NOT stencils) for large-scale or detailed logo work, if you want perfect, uniform fonts with crisp, clean edges, hand-lettered work is not for you. (But my graphic design services might be! See my Business Services page or send me an inquiry.) - I have invested hours, days, and YEARS of my time and efforts, formally and informally developing my skills and my style. While other artists or shops may be able to make the same claim, I certainly hope our styles are different. If you like their price AND their style better, then they're your people and I would much rather miss out on your project because my style didn't fit with yours than because the price wasn't right.
  • Will you produce work for styled/inspo shoots?
    Hell yes! I love getting the opportunity to flex my creative muscles with unseen work and get fantastic images of that work alongside other stellar vendors. Please note the operative words here, and before reaching out, think about these points to ensure that our collaboration would benefit you, me, and the creative community at-large: - Does your concept have the latitude for me to show off my range? If not, you may be interested in some of my existing rental signs or previously produced tablescape items. - Will I be encouraged to produce NEW work that squashes the possibility of a "Been there, done that" situation? If not, my interest in the project drops significantly, but if the shoot reaches outside the box in general, that helps get me back on board. - Is there a professional photographer committed to highlighting ALL participating vendors with detail shots? It's one of the worst feelings as an event industry creative to finally get that gallery link and find that only a couple lame snaps of your work are included, or, because something like a placecard is small maybe it's never seen close up. If my contribution doesn't elevate the project, you probably just don't need me. - Will there be a lineup of likeminded, talented vendors involved? If you don't have a full roster yet, that's okay. I would love to help flesh it out through my network of friendors, but it's always great when I can make a new connection ;)
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